Opening a Popup On Link Click

Step 1: Prepare Your Popup

You’ll need a popup, so create one from the WP admin at Breakdance > Popups. Set it to appear everywhere on your site, but don’t set any triggers for it.

Step 2: Select Your Trigger Element

Go to the page where you want the popup to open and open it up in Breakdance for editing. Find the button or link that will serve as your trigger.

Step 3: Configure Link Actions

  1. Click the button or link to edit it.
  2. In the link field, click the settings icon.
  3. Change the Type to Action.

Step 4: Set Popup as the Action

  1. For the action type, select Popup.
  2. Under Popup, choose the specific popup you wish to open.
  3. Under Action, select “Open”.

Step 5: Save and Test

Save your changes and exit to the front end of your site. Test the functionality by clicking the button or link. The popup will open in response.