Basic Grid

Understanding the Basic Grid Layout in Breakdance

This guide discusses the Basic Grid layout option in Breakdance, a powerful layout system for arranging elements in a two-dimensional, flexible grid, and offers extensive control over the placement and spacing of child elements.

Activating the Basic Grid Layout

Enabling the Basic Grid Layout

  1. Select the parent element (e.g., a div or section) you wish to apply the grid layout to.
  2. Go to the layout tab in the properties panel to access display options.
  3. Choose the grid layout option to enable grid settings for the selected element.

Configuring Grid Layout Options

Items Per Row

  1. Adjust the number of items displayed on each row according to your design needs.
  2. Customize the layout for different responsive breakpoints to ensure optimal display across devices. For example, you might want to show fewer items per row on mobile devices.

Space Between Items

  1. Modify the space between items in the grid to achieve the desired layout spacing.
  2. Use responsive controls to adjust spacing for different screen sizes, enhancing the layout’s responsiveness.

Advanced Grid Settings

Breakdance’s grid layout also includes advanced settings for finer control over your grid:

  • Item Vertical Alignment: Align items vertically within the grid container.
  • Item Horizontal Alignment: Align items horizontally within the grid container.
  • Use Original Item Dimensions: Preserve the original dimensions of items within the grid. This is particularly useful for elements with varying sizes or dimensions, ensuring a cohesive look without distorting item proportions.

Additional Notes

The grid layout in Breakdance is a versatile tool for creating complex, responsive designs. By leveraging the available settings and responsive controls, designers can craft visually appealing and functional layouts that adapt seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes.