Custom CSS Selectors & Classes

Managing Classes and Custom Selectors in Breakdance

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough on managing classes and custom selectors within Breakdance, assuming proficiency in CSS and familiarity with classes and selectors.

Accessing and Managing Selectors

Finding the Selectors Menu

  1. Navigate to the “…” menu in Breakdance.
  2. Select the “Selectors” option to view your site’s selectors.

Adding and Editing Selectors

  1. Click “Add” to create a new selector, such as “body.”
  2. After adding, you can edit the selector to modify various properties like background color, layout size, or even add custom CSS.

Working with Classes

Creating a Class

  1. To add a class, type name your selector “.” followed by your class name.
  2. Click “Add” to create the class.

Applying Classes to Elements

  1. Select an element on your page and go to its settings.
  2. Navigate to “Advanced” and then to “Classes.”
  3. Choose your class from the dropdown menu to apply it to the element.

Additional Notes

Understanding the hierarchy of styles in Breakdance is crucial; direct element styles will override class styles. This feature allows for more specific styling on individual elements while maintaining the convenience of class styles for general design themes. The process of applying classes and selectors is streamlined within Breakdance, promoting efficient design practices and consistency across elements and pages.