Advanced Flex

Exploring the Advanced Flexbox Layout in Breakdance

This article covers the Advanced Flexbox feature in Breakdance, which is a versatile tool for arranging elements within container elements like divs, sections, columns, and more. Flexbox allows for efficient layout designs with options for direction, alignment, and spacing of child elements.

Getting Started with Advanced Flexbox

Selecting Your Container Element

  1. Choose a container element such as a div, section, or column that you want to apply the custom Flexbox to.
  2. Navigate to the layout tab in the properties panel to access layout options.
  3. Click on the advanced layout option to reveal display settings, including flex and grid options.
  4. Select the flex layout to enable Flexbox properties for the selected container.

Configuring Advanced Flex Properties

  1. Flex Direction: Choose the direction of content flow with options like column, row, column-reverse, or row-reverse.
  2. Align Items: Set how items are aligned by the cross-axis of the container.
  3. Justify Content: Adjust the main-axis alignment of elements within the container.
  4. Flex Wrap: Use flex-wrap to manage overflow by wrapping items to a new row.
  5. Align Content: Align the content within the Flexbox, which is useful for multi-line content.
  6. Gap: Adjust the gap between items in the Flexbox layout.
  7. Row Gap: Modify the gap between the rows of a Flexbox.
  8. Text Align: Change the alignment of text within the container.

Additional Notes

The Advanced Flexbox layout in Breakdance offers a powerful set of tools for creating responsive and aesthetically pleasing web designs. By understanding and utilizing these options, designers can achieve precise control over the layout and presentation of elements within their web projects.