Add Quantity Inputs

Adding Quantity Input Globally to Product Lists in Breakdance

This tutorial demonstrates how to globally add a quantity input to all WooCommerce product lists in Breakdance, allowing customers to select the quantity next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Enabling Quantity Input

To provide users with the option to select product quantities before adding items to their cart, follow these steps:

Activating the Quantity Input via Global Styles

  1. In the WordPress admin bar, go to Breakdance > Edit Global Styles.
  2. On the right-hand side of the Breakdance editor, expand the WooCommerce section.
  3. Open the “Other” settings panel.
  4. Open the “Products List” settings panel.
  5. Scroll down to “Quantity Input” and click “Enable.”

Additional Notes

Enabling the quantity input provides a user-friendly shopping experience, allowing customers to specify the exact number of items they wish to purchase directly from the product listings. This functionality is particularly useful for stores where customers might want to purchase multiple quantities of a product at once.