Global Form Styles

Customizing Global Form Settings in Breakdance

This guide covers the process of customizing the global form settings in Breakdance. This feature allows you to style all Breakdance and WooCommerce forms on your website from one central location.

Accessing Global Form Settings

  1. Click on the Settings Menu in Breakdance.
  2. Navigate to Global Settings > Forms to access form styling options.

Customizing Form Elements

Changes will apply to all forms on the site.

Field Styles

  1. Under ‘Fields’, adjust the background color and other style options for form fields.


  1. In the ‘Typography’ section, customize the typography for labels, sub-labels, and field values.


  1. Under ‘Messages’, configure the appearance of submission messages, including error and success notifications.
  2. Adjust options like spacing, padding, and colors for error and success messages.

Submit Button

  1. Customize the submit button, which inherits default button styles.
  2. Options include making the button full width or increasing its size.

Other Options

Global settings also include options for multi-step forms, such as customizing the stepper in a multi-step form.