Troubleshooting 403 Errors

A 403 error means your server says you don’t have permission to make the request.

This is almost always due to a misconfigured server or an overly aggressive firewall or security plugin.

Security Plugins

Misconfigured security plugins can block Breakdance’s requests, especially:

  • requests where you are using the PHP Code Block to edit PHP code. Security plugins are scared of unauthorized users trying to execute PHP code
  • requests to upload SVG files. Untrusted SVG files can contain malicious scripts.

If you’re using Wordfence, put it into learning mode.

If you’re using another security plugin, consult the documentation on whitelisting requests and avoiding false positives.

How To Whitelist Breakdance Requests

All Breakdance AJAX requests have the URL parameter _breakdance_doing_ajax=yes

Have your host / CDN provider / security plugin / Cloudflare whitelist all requests with this parameter.