Undo / Redo & Revisions

Undo & Redo

When editing a design in Breakdance, it’s easy to undo or redo your changes.

If you make a change you don’t want to keep, you can click the leftward circle-arrow Undo icon at the top of the builder interface.

Once one or more change has be undone, you can click the rightward circle-arrow Redo icon at the top of the builder interface.

A screenshot showing the undo & redo controls near the top right of the Breakdance interface.

History & Revisions

If you need to go beyond simple undo & redo, you can access a deeper history of changes under Settings (…) > History.

A screenshot showing the History and Revisions tab in the Breakdance interface.

There, you’ll find two tabs:

  • History: This tab shows changes that have been made during the current session. When you leave and come back to Breakdance, the revision history in this tab will be cleared.
  • Revisions: The Revisions tab shows a longer list of historical versions of the current design, allowing you to restore states from previous hours or days.