Step 1: Create Your Popup

Access the WordPress admin panel and navigate to Breakdance > Popups. Click on Add Popup and name the popup.

Step 2: Set Popup Location

Under Location, set the popup to appear everywhere on your site, ensuring it’s available for activation from any page.

Step 3: Define the Click Trigger

For most use cases, it’s recommended to use Link Actions to open a popup on click instead of using a trigger. If link actions won’t work for your use case, you can use the Click trigger as follows.

Within Popup Opens When, click Add Trigger and select the Click trigger. You have two options for specifying the click target:

  • Anywhere: This option will trigger the popup when you click anywhere on the page.
  • Selector: Here, you can enter a CSS selector, like a class or ID, to specify a particular element that will trigger the popup when clicked.

If you’ve chosen the Selector option, ensure to assign the class or ID to the target element on your page. In Breakdance, edit the page and add the class or ID to the desired element in Advanced panel of the settings tab of the properties panel. Then, test by clicking on the specific element with the assigned class or ID to trigger the popup.

Step 4: Design Your Popup

Click Edit in Breakdance to design your popup. Add elements as needed.

Step 5: Save and Test

After designing your popup, save it. To test, visit the front end of your site. If you’ve set the trigger to ‘Anywhere’, clicking anywhere on the page should open the popup.