Sending Emails On Form Submission

Introduction to Email Setup on Form Submission

In this article, learn the process of setting up email notifications to be sent out when a form is submitted using Breakdance’s form builder.

Starting Email Setup

Accessing the Form’s Action Settings

  1. Click the form in the preview area.
  2. In the properties panel on the left, open up the actions section.

Configuring Email Action

Selecting and Setting Up the Email Action

  1. Ensure the email action is selected by default, or add it manually if it’s not present.
  2. Open the Email action popover to configure the email settings.
  3. Review the list of emails to be sent upon form submission.

Customizing Email Settings

  1. Configure typical email fields like subject, to email, from email, from name, reply to, and message.
  2. Consider the option to attach uploaded files if your form includes a file upload field.
  3. Use placeholders to reference field IDs in your email template.
  4. Modify the placeholders as needed for different parts of the email.
  5. Add additional emails with different settings or duplicate and modify existing ones.

Understanding Placeholders and Field IDs

Placeholders reference the IDs of form fields. To view or change these IDs:

  1. Navigate to the form section in the properties panel.
  2. Select a field and look under its advanced options for the ID.
  3. Ensure each field has a unique ID, as these IDs are used in the placeholders for email actions.
  4. If there are issues with email placeholders, verify the field IDs.


With these steps, you can effectively set up an email action to trigger when your form is submitted, ensuring that you receive timely notifications with all the necessary information from your form submissions.