Creating Design Sets

Breakdance allows you to turn any existing Breakdance website into a Design Set. You can then use this Design Set for yourself or allow other users to access them for free, list them in the Breakdance Template marketplace, or even sell them.

Creating a Design Set

By performing the following steps, you can turn any Breakdance website into a Design Set.

  1. Go to Breakdance > Settings in WP Admin.
  2. Select the ‘Design Library’ tab.
  3. Check the ‘Turn This Website Into a Design Set’ option and save the page.

Design Library Options

Several Design Library options can be enabled or disabled depending on your Design Set:

  • Turn This Website into a Design Set: When checked, your site is now a Design Set that can be used on other Breakdance websites.
  • Enable Copy From Frontend: When enabled, users can visit your Design Set and click the yellow copy button to copy any Section from the front end.
  • This Design Set Relies on Global Settings: When using content from your Design Set in the Builder, this will prompt users to install your Design Set’s Global Settings.
  • This Design Set Relies on Design Presets: When using content from your Design Set in the Builder, this will prompt users to import your Design Set’s Design Presets.
  • Password Protection: Using this setting will require users to know the password in order to import content from your Design Set within the Builder. Please note that Password Protection does not disable the ‘Enable Copy From Frontend’ option if a user visits the URL for your Design Set in a browser.
  • Custom Design Sets: In this area, you can add Design Set URLs to use them within the Builder.

Hosting Design Set

A Design Set must be hosted on a server where users can access it. A common solution is a WordPress Multisite installation, with each network site being a different Design Set.

Sharing Design Set

After you’ve created your Design Set, you can copy the ‘Shareable URL’ from the Design Library page and share it with anyone you wish.

You can share this URL freely or offer the URL after a payment or purchase.

Listing a Design Set in the Breakdance Template Marketplace

The Breakdance Template Marketplace allows you to list your hosted Design Set directly on Breakdance.com. You can get started with this by logging into the Breakdance Customer Portal and going to the Templates page within the Portal. You can then submit new templates or manage your existing templates.

Please note that we do not provide support for Design Set purchased on our Marketplace; that is done by the Design Set creator.

Selling Design Set

Except for the following restrictions, you may sell any Design Set you create in Breakdance.

  1. You cannot include the Breakdance plugin as a download or file with any Design Set.
  2. Users will need to purchase their own Breakdance license to use them. They cannot use your license.

How you provide the Design Set URL to a user after they make a purchase is entirely up to you.