Behavior on Submit

Configuring Post-Submission Behavior for Breakdance Forms

This tutorial demonstrates how to configure the options that control the behavior of your form after it is submitted.

Setting Up Post-Submission Options

Accessing Success and Error Messages

  1. Select your Form Builder element.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Form’ section in the Properties panel on the left.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Success Message’ and ‘Error Message’ to configure the messages displayed after form submission.

Hiding the Form Upon Successful Submission

Enable the “Hide Form On Success” toggle to hide the form after it has been successfully submitted.

Redirecting After Submission

Enable the “Redirect After Submit” toggle to enable redirection after the form has been submitted. This is helpful in cases where you want users to go to a different page after a form is submitted.

After enabling “Redirect After Submit”, you’ll be able to designate a URL to redirect the user to.

Additional Notes

These options offer flexibility in managing user experience post-form submission, ensuring users receive appropriate feedback based on their actions.