Repeater Fields

Using Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Fields with Breakdance

This document provides an overview of how to utilize Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) repeater fields within Breakdance to dynamically display content on your website.

ACF repeater fields allow you to add a variable number of subfields (such as text, images, etc.) to your posts or custom post types.

Using the Repeater Field in Breakdance

  1. Add a Repeater field element in Breakdance
  2. The Repeater field contains two options: “Repeated Block” and “Field”.
  3. In the “Repeated Block” option, select the Global Block that contains the layout for the ACF Repeater field.
  4. In the “Field” option, select the ACF Repeater field that you want to use.
  5. Adjust the layout via the Design tab as you wish.

Adding ACF Repeater Fields to Global Blocks

  1. Open the Global Block you want to use for the ACF Repeater in Breakdance.
  2. Add your desired element(s) and click the database icon for the elements fields to access the dynamic data options.
  3. Under the ACF category, find the subfields for the ACF Repeater and select them.
  4. Modify the layout for the Global Block as desired.

The selected fields will now display for each Repeater item when you use a Breakdance Repeater field element that uses this Global Block.

Additional Notes

This guide demonstrates the power of combining ACF’s repeater fields with Breakdance’s dynamic content capabilities. By following these steps, you can create complex, dynamic layouts for your listings or any other custom post types, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your WordPress site.