Frequently Asked Questions

Content Controls


These controls let you add and customize frequently asked questions, manage their display order, and set up interactive elements like accordions and buttons linked to more information.

  • Items – Add or manage your list of FAQs.
    • Question – Enter the text for the FAQ question.
    • Answer – Provide the answer text. You can format this text for clarity and emphasis.
    • Button – Add a button to each FAQ for further actions, like linking to another page.
      • Text – Define the button’s label.
      • Link – Set the URL the button links to.
  • Accordion – Choose whether multiple FAQs can be open at a time or not.
  • First tab opened – Decide if the first item in the FAQ list should be displayed as opened by default.

Design Controls


These settings allow you to adjust the overarching design elements of the FAQ section, including its width and background color.

  • Width – Specify the overall width of the FAQ section.
  • Background – Choose a background color for the entire FAQ section.


Customize the appearance of each individual FAQ item, including their padding, button style, and background colors.

  • Horizontal Padding – Adjust the horizontal spacing around the content inside each FAQ.
  • Vertical Padding – Modify the vertical spacing around the content inside each FAQ.
  • Button – Customize the buttons in your FAQs.
  • Background – Choose a background color for each individual FAQ item.
  • Icon – Choose the icon for the FAQ items.
  • Background – Choose a background color for each individual item.
  • Active Background – Select a background color for an item when it’s active.
  • Below Title – Adjust the space below the item title.
  • Above Button – Modify the space above the item’s button.
  • After Item – Set the space after the item.


The controls in this section allow you to modify the text’s appearance within your elements. Customize the style, color, and font of your titles and content to match your brand or design preferences. Ensure readability and visual hierarchy by adjusting typography settings.

  • Title Tag – Select an HTML tag for the title.
  • Title – Customize the typography of the title text.
  • Active Title – Pick a color for the title when it’s active.
  • Content – Adjust the typography of the content text.


These controls let you define the borders of your items. Enhance the visual separation with customizable border colors, widths, and radii, or opt for a subtler look by enabling borders only below your items. Tailor the borders to complement your overall design theme.

  • Below Only – Toggle to enable borders only below the items.
  • Border Color – Choose a color for your borders.
  • Border Width – Set the thickness of your borders.
  • Border Radius – Adjust the roundness of your borders. This control is only available when ‘Below Only’ is not enabled.


Controls in this section are dedicated to adjusting the spacing around your items, ensuring a balanced layout and better visual distribution. By customizing the margins, you can control the amount of space between the elements in your design and create a cohesive, airy, and well-organized look.

  • Margin Top – Set the amount of space above your items.
  • Margin Bottom – Set the amount of space below your items.