Conditional Form Fields

Introduction to Conditional Form Fields in Breakdance

This tutorial guides you through the process of setting up conditional form fields using Breakdance’s form builder. This tutorial will show you how to create dynamic forms that change based on user input, enhancing user experience and form relevance.

Setting Up Conditional Form Fields

Creating Your First Conditional Field

  1. Start by selecting a field type. In this example, we use a text field.
  2. Change the label of the field.
  3. Under the ‘Advanced’ settings of the field, turn on the ‘Conditional’ option.
  4. Set the condition for the field to appear.
  5. This setting ensures that the field will only show when a specific form has a specific value.

Testing the Conditional Fields

Once the fields are set up, save your form and preview it on the front end. Test each conditional field by entering different field values and ensuring your conditional fields respond appropriately. This process confirms the dynamic behavior of your form.

Conclusion and Additional Notes

This basic example demonstrates how to use the conditional option in the Breakdance form builder to create powerful and personalized forms. By tailoring fields to user inputs, you enhance the form’s relevance and user engagement. Experiment with different conditions and fields to fully leverage the capabilities of Breakdance’s form builder.