Simple Testimonial

Content Controls


In this section, you can personalize the key components of your testimonial element, such as images, author details, and the testimonial text itself.

  • Image – Add an image to accompany the testimonial.
  • Image Options – Adjust the settings of your testimonial image. (Available only when an image is added)
    • Size – Choose the size of the image.
    • Alt – Provide alternative text for the image, enhancing accessibility and SEO.
    • Lazy Load – Enable or disable lazy loading for the image to improve page load times.
  • Author – Enter the name of the author of the testimonial.
  • Author Info – Provide additional information about the author, like their title or company.
  • Testimonial – Write the testimonial text here.

Design Controls


These controls let you define the overall layout of your testimonial element, including its width, alignment, and the positioning of the image within it.

  • Width – Set the width of the testimonial element.
  • Alignment – Align the testimonial content within its container.
  • Image Position – Decide where the image should be positioned in relation to the testimonial text.


Customize the appearance of your image with these controls, including its size, style, shape, and more.

  • Size – Adjust the size of the image.
  • Style – Choose a style for the image from a dropdown list.
  • Shape & Outline – Modify the shape and outline of the image. (Available only when the ‘Standard’ style is selected)
    • Shape – Change the shape of the image. (Available with ‘Standard’ style)
    • Border Radius – Adjust the radius of the image border. (Available when shape is ‘Rounded’)
    • Border Width – Set the width of the image border.
    • Border Color – Choose a color for the image border.
  • Mask – Apply a mask to the image. (Available with ‘Masked’ style)
  • Outline – Define an outline for the image. (Available with ‘Outlined-Circle’ style)
    • Width – Set the width of the outline.
    • Color – Choose a color for the outline.
    • Offset Width – Adjust the width of the offset.
    • Offset Color – Select a color for the offset.
  • Shadow – Add a shadow to the image. (Not available with ‘Masked’ style)
  • Black & White – Toggle between color and black-and-white for the image.


You can stylize the quotation marks in your testimonial in the Quotes section. Customize their appearance with options for style, color, size, and position to match the overall design of your website.

  • Style – Select a style for the quotation marks from a dropdown menu.
  • Color – Choose a color for the quotation marks. This option becomes available when a style is set.
  • Size – Adjust the size of the quotation marks. This option is accessible when a style is selected.
  • Horizontal Offset – Move the quotation marks horizontally. This control is available when a style is chosen.
  • Vertical Offset – Shift the quotation marks vertically. This option is enabled when a style is applied.
  • Hide Below – Decide at which screen size the quotation marks will be hidden, choosing from a dropdown of breakpoints.


The Typography section allows you to customize the text elements of your testimonial, including the main testimonial text, the author’s name, and additional author information.

  • Testimonial – Customize the typography settings for the main testimonial text.
  • Author – Adjust typography settings for the author’s name.
  • Author Info – Modify typography settings for additional author information.


Use the Spacing controls to manage the amount of space around various elements of your testimonial, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing layout.

  • Below Image – Set the space below the testimonial image.
  • Below Testimonial – Adjust the space following the testimonial text.
  • Below Author – Define the space below the author’s name.
  • Below Author Info – Manage the space under the author’s additional information.
  • Wrapper – Access additional spacing controls for the testimonial wrapper.
    • Margin Top – Set the top margin for the testimonial wrapper.
    • Margin Bottom – Adjust the bottom margin for the testimonial wrapper.