Actions Overview

Introduction to Running Actions After Form Submission

In this article, you’ll learn how to configure the actions that run after your form has been submitted.

Accessing the Actions Section

  1. Click the Form Builder in the builder preview.
  2. In the Properties panel on the left side of the screen, find and expand the Actions section.

Configuring Submission Actions

Choosing and Setting Up Actions

  1. By default, the “Email” and “Store Submission” actions are selected. You can remove these by clicking the X icon next to their names in the “Actions After Submission” field.
  2. To add a new action, click the “Actions After Submission” field and select the new action from dropdown list.
  3. Once an action has been added, a new settings area will appear below the list of enabled actions. Each one has its own button to open the popover settings panel for that action.
  4. You can add multiple actions, but each action can only be used once per form builder.


This overview covers the basics of running actions after form submission in Breakdance. For more detailed guides, refer to our additional documentation and tutorial videos.