Granting a User Access to Form Submissions Only

Introduction to Managing User Access in Breakdance

Learn how to grant specific users access to only the form submissions in Breakdance, while restricting their access to other parts of the Breakdance interface in your WordPress site.

Setting Up User Roles and Permissions

Granting Access to Form Submissions

  1. Navigate to the ‘Users’ area in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Find the user you wish to grant access to Breakdance’s form submissions.
  3. Ensure their user role is set to ‘Editor’.

Restricting Access to Other Breakdance Features

  1. Scroll down in the user profile settings until you find the ‘Builder Access’ setting.
  2. Change the ‘Builder Access’ setting to ‘No Access’ to restrict access to other parts of Breakdance.
  3. Update the user profile to save these settings.


This approach allows you to manage user permissions effectively, granting specific users access to form submissions in Breakdance while maintaining control over the access to other features and settings within the platform.