Troubleshooting Forms

Introduction to Troubleshooting Breakdance Forms

Discover effective methods to troubleshoot issues with your Breakdance forms, ensuring smooth and error-free form submissions on your site.

Troubleshooting Steps for Breakdance Forms

Using Email Logging Plugins

If you’re using the email action with your forms, and you’re experiencing issues with emails being sent on form submission, you should install a plugin that provides an email log.

An email log will show you emails sent out from your server, as well as details about their failure or success.

If you find that no email appears in your log when submitting the form, this means something is wrong with the email action configuration in Breakdance and you should examine your form options to find the error.

Checking Form Submissions in WordPress

When the “Store Submission” action is enabled on a form, all submissions get stored at Breakdance > Form Submissions in the WordPress admin panel.

Here, you can view individual submissions as well as details about the specific actions that were enabled for that submission.

If you click “details” next to an action, you’ll see more information about the action and can use that information to continue troubleshooting the issue.

Reviewing and Correcting Action Configurations

With information from the email log and form submissions area, you can now investigate action configurations in Breakdance by selecting your Form Builder in the Breakdance preview and opening the “Actions” section. There, you can click the edit icon next to any enabled action to ensure there is no incorrect or missing information that could be causing the error.