Element Studio

Element Studio is for developers who wish to create element add-on packs for Breakdance.

Element Studio provides a visual interface to create elements using HTML, CSS, and Twig. Say goodbye to saving and refreshing. Say hello to building elements live inside Breakdance.

Element Studio is in alpha, but don’t let that stop you from using it. The Breakdance team uses Element Studio every day – we use it to create all of the elements included with Breakdance.

That said, if something goes wrong in Element Studio, it could make it impossible to open Breakdance. While this is rare, it can happen, and the solution is to revert the last change, so you better be using Git and committing regularly.

Please report all issues you find at https://breakdance.com/bugs.

Custom Elements Boilerplate Plugin (required to save elements): https://github.com/soflyy/breakdance-custom-elements/

How to use Element Studio: Watch on YouTube

How to set up the Custom Elements Boilerplate Plugin: Watch on YouTube