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The Better Built-In Form Builder

Breakdance's built-in forms functionality goes far beyond anything ever included with a visual builder, and often replaces the need for 3rd-party forms plugins even for advanced use cases.


18,000+ creators use Breakdance to build incredible websites

Everything you need to create incredible forms.

From simple contact forms to advanced lead capture forms, Breakdance makes it easy to craft forms that meet your needs.

Contact Forms

Build dynamic contact forms, complete with conditional logic and instant notifications.

Lead Capture Forms

Create comprehensive lead capture forms with a wide array of field types to precisely gather information.

Email Subscribe Forms

Create email subscription forms with Breakdance, featuring easy integration with popular marketing platforms.

Survey Forms

Create engaging survey forms and easily export the results to a spreadsheet for analysis.

Event Registration Forms

Utilize Breakdance to design comprehensive event registration forms.

Multi-Step Forms

Design user-friendly multi-step forms with Breakdance, enhancing user experience with progress indicators.

Collect Any Type Of Data with 15 Field Types

With a diverse selection of field types, you can easily gather any type of data.
  • Text
  • Email
  • URL
  • Phone Number
  • Radio
  • File Upload
  • Custom HTML
  • Step
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Number
  • Date
  • Time
  • Password
  • Hidden

File Upload
Text Area
Custom HTML

Submission & Lead Management

Simplify your workflow with robust submission tracking and lead management features.

Anti-Spam with ReCAPTCHA & Honeypot

Don't be the person in the illustration – enhance your form security with integrated ReCAPTCHA and Honeypot anti-spam measures.

Integrations for serious marketers.

Streamline your marketing efforts with easy, effective integration options.

Let the Leads Roll In

Efficiently capture and nurture leads with our intuitive form tools and integrations.
  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Convertikit
  • Discord
  • GetResponse
  • Drip
  • ReCaptcha
  • MailerLite
  • Slack
  • Webhook

Send Emails

Get notified when your forms are submitted by automatically sending emails on form submission.

Trigger Popups

Automatically engage users by triggering a popup after a form is submitted.

Pass Tracking Data

Pass dynamic data and UTM parameters in form submissions to track your marketing efforts.

Advanced form building made easy.

Simplify complex form creation with our user-friendly, advanced building tools.

A designer's dream

Make your forms beautiful with Breakdance.

Beautiful Defaults

Experience stunning, ready-to-use form designs that look fantastic right from the start with Breakdance.

Global Form Styles

Uniformly style all your forms with Breakdance's consistent global styling options.

Horizontal Forms

Effortlessly create sleek, horizontal forms for a modern, streamlined user experience.

Our forms are developer friendly.

Designed with developers in mind, Breakdance offers powerful tools and APIs to extend the built-in functionality.

Form tutorials to get you started.

You'll be building advanced forms like a pro in no time with our comprehensive tutorials.

Experience the Breakdance difference.

Unlimited license.
Unlimited websites.

Get maximum flexibility with unlimited licensing and domain activations.

60-day money back guarantee.
No questions asked.

Get your money back within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked. It's risk-free!

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Get all the help you need.

We offer premium support to ensure the ultimate customer experience.

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