Breakdance 2.0 Beta 1 Now Available

Elementor users are getting hooked on Breakdance.

Don't take our word for it. Our customers say it best...

“I just dumped Elementor on a few client sites and rebuilt with Breakdance in only a couple hours. I dropped 8 plugins that Elementor needed. Never going back.”

Jonny Stalnaker
Lumos Agency

Feature by feature, Breakdance beats Elementor.

We spent the last four years looking at every other visual builder for WordPress, with a special focus on Elementor.

Based on this research, we created Breakdance - a "super builder" that improves upon all the best functionality in prior WordPress visual builders.
We recorded 30+ videos showing Breakdance's superior functionality compared to Elementor.

People are loving Breakdance

“I love it. It's so smooth. It really shows how cumbersome Elementor can be.”

Creative Professional

“I'm enjoying building sites again, and Breakdance does things far better than the block editor or Elementor.”
Marcus Batey

Creative Professional

“Light years ahead of Elementor in terms of performance.”
Thomas Ciullo

Creative Professional

Build better websites, faster.

Say goodbye to countless addons. Say hello to built-in features.

With Breakdance, it's probably included.

We looked at Elementor's popular addons and put the best functionality from each of them in Breakdance's core.

With Breakdance, there's no need to buy and install and bunch of addons to use essential features.

Breakdance saves you time and money. 

Many Elementor sites have a ton of addons installed.

In addition to often being the cause of conflicts with each other and problems on update, they're also costly.

Make the smart choice and use Breakdance. Save time, save money, and avoid headaches caused by addons.
Price Per Year
Granular WooCo Cart & Checkout
  • $299/year in WooLentor
  • Included in Breakdance
ACF / Metabox Repeaters
  • $299/year in AnyWhere Pro
  • $169/year in The Plus Addons
  • Included in Breakdance
Conditional Element Display
  • $199/year in
  • Included in Breakdance
Dedicated Header Builder
  • $119/year in PowerPack
  • Included in Breakdance
Mega Menu Builder
  • "Experimental" in Elementor Core, $199/year in Crocoblock, Fails Accessibility
  • Included in Breakdance
Global WooCommerce Styles
  • Requires a theme
  • Usually around $99/year
  • Included in Breakdance
Total Cost
$1084 / year
We could make this list much longer!
Watch the YouTube video above to see even more features and elements available in Breakdance core that would require an addon (or not be available at all) in Elementor.

Breakdance is awesome. I’ve built sites in Elementor and I’ve tried Bricks, neither come close. Dead easy, super fast, no need for lots of plugins for functionality or speed.

Rob Faulkner
Creative Professional

Unleash your creativity.
Create websites fast.

The Breakdance Philosophy

By carefully studying the last generation of website builders and listening to the feedback of their users, we have been able to create a modern tool that combines the best features and capabilities of other builders with our own unique improvements and innovations.

We firmly believe that quality and attention to detail matter. We believe that every single aspect of a product matters, from the design to the functionality to the user experience.

We understand that the smallest details can make a huge difference in your experience with a product, and that's why we take every step of the development process very seriously.

Louis Reingold
Founder @ Breakdance

Don't take our word for it.

“Once you build with Breakdance, you don't want to use any other page builder.
Ruben Garcia

Creative Professional

“The built in elements are better than that of Elementor.”
Korbin Perry

Creative Professional

Build better websites, faster.

“Breakdance has given us a new, happier relationship with WordPress.”
Marcus Batey

Creative Professional

“Transitioning all my client sites to it. I just enjoy it so much better than Elementor.”
Darren Walker

Creative Professional

“Can't believe how modern and effective Breakdance is compared to its peers (ahem Elementor).”

Creative Professional

Elementor Pro is $399/year for 1000 sites.

Breakdance Pro is $299.99/year for unlimited sites.

Breakdance Pro

1 Website

Use all Pro features on a single site


Breakdance Pro

10 Websites

Use all Pro features on ten websites


Breakdance Pro

Unlimited Websites

Use all Pro features on unlimited sites

Soon to be $499.99

Save $200/year

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Have more questions? We'd love to hear from you.

Yes. We offer a 14 day free trial of all pro functionality. You can cancel any time during your trial, and we'll send you a reminder email before your trial ends so you don't forget. Also, if you do end up purchasing, your purchase is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

No. Breakdance and your website will keep working, pro functionality and all. Your subscription is for access to support, updates, and the design library. You can keep using pro functionality included in the Breakdance plugin even if you don't renew. We don't disable functionality on websites you already built, and pages you built with pro design library elements will keep working.

Yes. You can use Breakdance for projects you build for clients. Your clients do not need to buy their own license.

Yes. Installations on local, staging, and development sites do not count towards your license limit.

Your purchase includes:

  • the Breakdance Website Builder plugin

  • a license to use the plugin on the specified number of sites according to the purchased plan, including sites you build for your clients

  • all features in Breakdance Website Builder

  • unlimited access to the Breakdance Design Library

  • premium support from the Breakdance team

If we ever released additional products, plugins, built features that integrate with Breakdance but require code that doesn't live in the Breakdance core plugin, or offered additional license terms, those would not be included. For example, here are some things we might build that wouldn't be included:

  • a cloud-based hosting offering

  • a social media marketing platform that integrates with Breakdance Website Builder

  • another WordPress plugin for doing something other than building websites with drag & drop

  • a license that includes the ability to white-label Breakdance

  • WooCommerce extensions that are non-specific to Breakdance

  • an AI image generation or content writing plugin that integrates with Breakdance

  • any "SaaS"-type features in Breakdance, for example - API-based functionality that runs on our server to resize images, uses AI to write content, sends emails with an API that runs on our servers, etc.

Generally speaking, we regularly add new features to the Breakdance Website Builder plugin, and those are included at no additional charge.

Yes, we have a 60 day money back guarantee and we're happy to issue a refund for any reason. Unlike some companies that insist on making you accept their "help" before refunding you, we're happy to just give your money back, no questions asked. Nearly everyone on our team has done freelance work in the past, so we get it. Whatever your reason, we'll give you a full refund.

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...and much more, this is barely scratching the surface.