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Vs The Competition

vs. Elementor

If you're considering switching from Elementor to Breakdance, there are a few reasons why you might want to make the switch.

Why are people switching from Elementor to Breakdance?

Speed and performance

Breakdance's incredibly fast load times keep visitors and search engine bots happy.

WooCommerce integration

Breakdance is the easiest visual builder for WooCommerce. Period.

Powerful global styles

Build your website in a matter of minutes when you use global settings.

Flexible display conditions

Show or hide elements and sections based on anything. Literally.

Loops and Dynamic Data

Build dynamic websites visually using loops and repeaters. Connect your database everywhere.

Better and faster workflow

Searchable panels, revision history, copy-paste elements across your websites.

I just dumped Elementor on a few client sites and rebuilt with Breakdance in only a couple hours. I dropped 8 plugins that Elementor needed. Never going back.
Jonny Stalnaker

Lumos Agency

Feature by feature, Breakdance beats Elementor.

We spent the last four years looking at every other visual builder for WordPress, with a special focus on Elementor.

Based on this research, we created Breakdance - a "super builder" that improves upon all the best functionality in prior WordPress visual builders.
We recorded 30+ videos showing Breakdance's superior functionality compared to Elementor.

People are loving Breakdance

“I love it. It's so smooth. It really shows how cumbersome Elementor can be.”

Creative Professional

“I'm enjoying building sites again, and Breakdance does things far better than the block editor or Elementor.”
Marcus Batey

Creative Professional

“Light years ahead of Elementor in terms of performance.”
Thomas Ciullo

Creative Professional

Build better websites, faster.

Say goodbye to countless addons. Say hello to built-in features.

With Breakdance, it's probably included.

We looked at Elementor's popular addons and put the best functionality from each of them in Breakdance's core.

With Breakdance, there's no need to buy and install and bunch of addons to use essential features.

Breakdance saves you time and money. 

Many Elementor sites have a ton of addons installed.

In addition to often being the cause of conflicts with each other and problems on update, they're also costly.

Make the smart choice and use Breakdance. Save time, save money, and avoid headaches caused by addons.
Price Per Year
Granular WooCo Cart & Checkout
  • $299/year in WooLentor
  • Included in Breakdance
ACF / Metabox Repeaters
  • $299/year in AnyWhere Pro
  • $169/year in The Plus Addons
  • Included in Breakdance
Conditional Element Display
  • $199/year in
  • Included in Breakdance
Dedicated Header Builder
  • $119/year in PowerPack
  • Included in Breakdance
Mega Menu Builder
  • "Experimental" in Elementor Core, $199/year in Crocoblock, Fails Accessibility
  • Included in Breakdance
Global WooCommerce Styles
  • Requires a theme
  • Usually around $99/year
  • Included in Breakdance
Total Cost
$1084 / year
We could make this list much longer!
Watch the YouTube video above to see even more features and elements available in Breakdance core that would require an addon (or not be available at all) in Elementor.

Breakdance is awesome. I’ve built sites in Elementor and I’ve tried Bricks, neither come close. Dead easy, super fast, no need for lots of plugins for functionality or speed.

Rob Faulkner
Creative Professional

Unleash your creativity.
Create websites fast.

The Breakdance Philosophy

By carefully studying the last generation of website builders and listening to the feedback of their users, we have been able to create a modern tool that combines the best features and capabilities of other builders with our own unique improvements and innovations.

We firmly believe that quality and attention to detail matter. We believe that every single aspect of a product matters, from the design to the functionality to the user experience.

We understand that the smallest details can make a huge difference in your experience with a a product, and that's why we take every step of the development process very seriously.

Louis Reingold
Founder @ Breakdance

Don't take our word for it.

“Once you build with Breakdance, you don't want to use any other page builder.
Ruben Garcia

Creative Professional

“The built in elements are better than that of Elementor.”
Korbin Perry

Creative Professional

Build better websites, faster.

“Breakdance has given us a new, happier relationship with WordPress.”
Marcus Batey

Creative Professional

“Transitioning all my client sites to it. I just enjoy it so much better than Elementor.”
Darren Walker

Creative Professional

“Can't believe how modern and effective Breakdance is compared to its peers (ahem Elementor).”

Creative Professional

Elementor Pro is $399/year for 1000 sites.

Breakdance Pro is $199.99/year for unlimited sites.

Breakdance Free

Free Forever

Essential features to build incredible WordPress websites with ease


Breakdance Pro

One Website

Use all Pro features on a single site


Breakdance Pro

Unlimited Websites

Use all Pro features on unlimited sites

Soon to be $399.99

Save $200/year

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Breakdance Elementor
Zero Customization Beautiful Defaults not provided
Elementor does not provide defaults for WooCommerce - it just uses whatever styles are provided by WooCommerce itself or the theme.
WooCommerce Global Styling Controls not provided
Optimized For Conversions By Default depends
Elementor does not provide defaults for WooCommerce - it just uses whatever styles are provided by WooCommerce itself or the theme.
WooCommerce Elements 35+ 24
Thank You Page auto-styled with global settings dedicated element
Granular Cart Elements not provided
this functionality is available for Elementor in various 3rd party add-on packs
Granular Checkout Elements not provided
this functionality is available for Elementor in various 3rd party add-on packs
Breakdance is going to become a better version of Elementor.

Creative Professional


Breakdance Elementor
Blank Page Asset Size under 40kb
under 20kb compressed
~160kb compressed. Test done with Elementor Hello theme.
JavaScript Files Loaded On Empty Page 1 8
Tested with Elementor Hello theme... Elementor loads jquery.js, jquery-migrate.js, hello-frontend.js, webpack-runtime.js, frontend-modules.js, waypoints.js, and more - on a page that only contains a heading.
No jQuery By Default not provided
When we tested with Elementor's official Hello theme, jQuery was loaded on a page containining only a heading.
Bloat Removal Options
Breakdance provides built-in options to remove default WordPress bloat.
not provided
you can always use a 3rd party performance plugin
Generated Div Tags For One Heading Element 0 2
Elementor has made significant improvements in this regard over the years, and is less "divceptioned" than it used to be.
RankMath Compatibility
Breakdance is fully compatible with RankMath, but as of October 2022, RankMath doesn't provide an SEO score for Breakdance-designed content.
Yoast SEO Compatibility

Dynamic Data

Breakdance Elementor
Dynamic Data
Conditional Element Display not provided
3rd party addons are available
Post Loop Builder
3rd party addons are available, and Elementor has recently released a Loop Builder has an experiment.
Advanced Custom Fields Integration
Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Field not provided
3rd party addons are available
Metabox Integration
Metabox Repeater Field not provided
Toolset Integration
The Toolset team has paused development. Breakdance advises against using Toolset.
The Toolset team has paused development. Breakdance advises against using Toolset.
It's a great balance between the simplicity of Elementor for non-developers but with the power features of Oxygen for those that want them.
Nick Flowers

Creative Professional


Breakdance Elementor
Custom Form Builder
Global Form Styles
With Breakdance you can style all the forms on your website from one location for a consistent look, including WooCommerce forms.
Elementor provides some rudimentary global form styles but they are far less flexible and in-depth than Breakdance's.
Conditional Fields not provided
Multi-Step Forms
File Uploads not provided
planned, but probably not in 1.1
Marketing Integrations
Contact Form
Register Form not provided
Email Subscribe Form
Lost Password Form not provided
Login Form

Headers & Footers

Breakdance Elementor
Mega Menu Builder
Build Headers & Footers
Control where your headers and footers appear and who they are shown to - i.e. a member portal header, a logged out user header, etc.
Elementor's conditions are good enough for most use cases. Breakdance provides better, more in-depth display conditions to give you more granular control over where your headers and footers appear.
Dedicated Header Builder Element
The dedicated Header Builder element in Breakdance provides header-specific functionality such as sticky on scroll, overlay, etc.
not provided
In Elementor, headers are created using the Section element.
Sticky Headers
Can be achieved using Elementor's "sticky" functionality, although needs a bit of custom code to get the same results as you can in Breakdance.
Overlay Headers
just check a box to make your header an overlay
can be achieved in Elementor using negative bottom margin
Powerful. Time to say goodbye to Elementor.
Michael Kato

Creative Professional


Breakdance Elementor
Design Preview
Does the design look the same on the frontend of the website?
accurate accurate
Responsive Preview accurate & scaled
responsive styles are correctly applied based on the preview width, and the entire preview is visible with optional scaling if the preview is bigger than the available viewport
responsive styles are correctly applied based on the preview width, and the design will side-scroll if the preview is bigger than the available viewport
Scaled Design Preview
If the design is bigger than the area of the screen that is being used to preview the design, the best experience is to scale the design down.
not provided
Design looks correct, but scrolls horizontally.
Searchable UI Panels
Search for elements, properties, classes, and just about everything else just by typing.
You can search for elements, or use the finder to switch between pages. Properties, global settings, etc. can't be searched.
Styles Present Indicator
See where styles are coming from with an indication in the UI.
not provided
Cross-Page Copy / Paste
Draggable Spacing not provided
Drag & Drop
Cross-Domain Copy / Paste not provided
3rd party addons are available
Draft Mode
Mark any section as a draft to hide it on the frontend.
Save a page as a draft to keep editing it without affecting the live version.
URL Replacement For Migrations
Keyboard Shortcuts
Right-Click Menu
Structure Panel Friendly Names
Create Your Own Component Library automatic
In Breakdance, open the design library and choose "This Website" to browse through every page on your website as if it was part of the design library.
Save sections on your website to the design library for re-use later.

Developer API

Breakdance Elementor
Element Creation API Element Studio
Element Studio is a visual IDE for creating custom elements live inside Breakdance. It's included with Breakdance.
Elementor has a well-designed PHP API that provides power similar to Element Studio.
PHP Code Block Element
write and run PHP code live inside of Breakdance
not provided
you can always use a 3rd party code snippets plugin
Element Display Conditions API not provided
Elementor doesn't have native element display conditions at all, but you can use a 3rd party plugin.
Dynamic Data API
Yes, API docs available at
Form Submissions API
Build and run custom handlers on form submission - i.e. custom PHP, or a new handler that appears in the Actions After Submit dropdown.
Hooks / Actions & Filters
Custom WP_Query w/ PHP Array inside Breakdance
customize any WP_Query in Breakdance with PHP
Use a filter to change the query.

Website builders are slow, hard to use and bloated with expensive add-ons. That's why we created Breakdance.

Here's how Breakdance compares to other builders.

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