Powerful Popup Builder

It's easy to make it pop with Breakdance.

Popup Anything

Put anything you want in a popup. If you can design it in Breakdance, you can put it in a popup.

Conditions & Triggers

Precisely control which segment of your users sees popups and when they see them.

Lead Capture

Popup Builder integrates with Form Builder to make it easy to capture leads and subscribers.
video overview

Popping Off With Popups

Take a five minute tour of Breakdance's powerful Popup Builder.
total flexibility

Popups. Modals. Sidebars. Hello Bars.

Build any type of popup with Breakdance.
  • Control entrance and exit animations
  • Put anything in a popup
  • Build popups, modals, off-canvas menus, hello bars, full screen popups, slide-in popups,  and any other type of overlaid content with Popup Builder.
trigger the desired action with triggers

Total Trigger Control

Open and close popups at the right time to capture leads and generate sales.
  • Page Load
  • Page Scroll
  • Page Scroll Up
  • Mouse Move to Exit
  • User Inactivity
  • Manual Trigger
  • Button & Link Click
  • Form Submission
popup conditions

Show your popups only where you want to.

Using Breakdance's advanced conditions system, you'll have total control of what parts of your website your popups are shown on.

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form builder + popup builder = ❤️ 

Lead Capture Superpowers

Put Breakdance's powerful Form Builder inside your popups to supercharge your lead-capturing capabilities.

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