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Created by a team passionate about building high-quality websites quickly, Breakdance provides a dream workflow.

User-Friendly Editor

You'll be a pro with Breakdance in no time.

Pro Designer Features

Everything you need to make it beautiful.

The Ultimate Workflow

Move fast with a UI designed for efficiency.

Design anything you can imagine.

Breakdance has everything you need to create visually stunning websites.

120+ Included Elements

Breakdance has beautiful, easy-to-customize elements for every use case.

Drag & Drop

Our intuitive drag & drop editor makes it easy to control the order and spacing of your elements.

Global Settings

Control your brand colors, typography, form styles, and much more from one central location.

Flexbox Layout

Intuitive layout make it easy to create horizontal layouts. Use Columns only if you want to.


Choose any Google Font, use any 3rd party provider like Adobe Fonts, or upload your own.


Create beautiful scrolling, sticky, and entrance animations.

Global Color Palette

Save your most-used colors to the global palette for easy access.

Typography Presets

Save any typography style as a preset and re-use it in any element in one click.

Draggable Spacing

Mouse over the edge of any element and drag the spacing bar to add or remove spacing.

Link Actions

Make any link open a lightbox, control a popup, or even move a slider.


Use visual controls to apply CSS transforms like rotate, skew, and scale to any element.

Filters & Blend Modes

Use visual controls to apply CSS filters and blend modes to your elements.

Icon Library

Choose from hundreds of included icons or upload your own SVG icon sets.


Create global button styles and apply them to any button in one click.

Background Overlays

Apply semi-transparent background overlays to sections, divs, columns, or any other container.

Background Video

Set any section's background to a video and control its styling options.

Background Slideshow

Easily add beautiful slideshow backgrounds to any Section element.

Responsive by default.

All elements in Breakdance are responsive by default and will look great at any screen size.

Total Responsive Control

Add responsive styles as necessary to fully customize your design at any screen size.

Hide Or Show

Hide or show elements based on device size.

Responsive Images

Breakdance automatically handles sizes and srcset to ensure optimal performance.

Custom Breakpoints

Go beyond the built-in breakpoints with unlimited custom breakpoints.

Responsive Columns

Choose when to stack vertically or go 50% width in one click.

Global Typography

Create responsive typography styles globally in just a few clicks.
“With Breakdance, we were able to significantly expand our capacity for web projects. From the development to the support of the websites, our work processes have been greatly improved and simplified.”
Christoph Lindhauer
Agency Founder @
the ultimate workflow

Work smarter, not harder.

Searchable panels, keyboard shortcuts, and other workflow features keep you moving quickly.

Searchable Panels

Quickly find what you're looking for with the keyboard.

Inline Text Editing

Double-click text on your page to edit it inline.

Revision History

Easily see changes to your pages and browse through and restore old versions.

Keyboard Shortcusts

Accomplish common tasks in Breakdance using the keyboard.

Copy & Paste

Right-click or use the keyboard shortcut to copy and paste elements.

Undo & Redo

Use the toolbar buttons or the keyboard shortcut to undo and redo changes to your page.

Import & Export

Easily export and import elements, settings, and more to another Breakdance website.

Cross-Site Copy & Paste

Copy and paste elements across pages or even to a different Breakdance website.

Your Own Design Library

Turn a Breakdance website into a design set and use it with the Breakdance design library.

Cross-Page Workflow

Import elements from other page into the page you are currently editing without leaving the page.
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