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18,000+ creators use Breakdance to build incredible websites

“Last time I converted a Divi site to Breakdance, I was able to remove 22 plugins.”
Thierry C

Creative Professional

“I used Divi for 3 years before Breakdance. Breakdance is faster, leaner, more functional, more flexible, and offers more features out of the box.”
Richard Wilkie

Creative Professional

Our users say it best.

Former Divi users absolutely love Breakdance. Check out a few of their reviews below.
“I was a Divi user from the very beginning. Breakdance is easier to use, with significantly less bloat, and includes premium features that require add-ons with other builders.”
Jared McDowell

Creative Professional

“I’ve used Divi, but Breakdance
feels so much easier and quicker to build with.”
Artur Burkalo

Creative Professional

“After 10 years using Divi and others, Breakdance offers limitless potential and will save our team mountains of productive hours.”
Rishad Mohamed

Creative Professional

“I previously used Divi since 2013. I will never look back after using Breakdance.”
Peter Alan

Creative Professional

“As a Divi user for years, I can assure you that Breakdance can do everything Divi can, but without needing as many external plugins.”
Liz Kersten Da Ponte

Creative Professional

Breakdance beats Divi, hands down.

Check out this feature-by-feature breakdown of how Breakdance leaves Divi in the dust.

Full Featured Without Add-ons

While Divi requires third-party add-ons for many essential features, Breakdance includes everything you need out of the box.
Breakdance Divi
Header Builder included not included
In Divi, headers are built out of Sections and Rows, with no dedicated header builder element provided.
Menu Builder included not included
Divi's Menu element is not a true menu builder, only allowing you to render a WordPress menu with limited customization options.
Post Loop Builder included not included
Multi-step Forms included not included
Popup Builder included not included
PHP Code Blocks included not included
Element Studio
Element Studio is the world's first visual IDE for element development.
included not included
Tooltip Element included not included
Lottie Animation Element included not included
Lottie files can be embedded using code module, but no dedicated element is provided.
Masker Element included not included
Table Of Contents (TOC) Element included not included
Facebook Elements (Like, Share, Embed) included included
Twitter Elements (Tweet, Embed) included included
"If you're looking to quickly and easily build high-performing sites for your clients, Breakdance is a great option."
Sunny Trochaniak

NewPulse Labs


No other builder can hold a candle to Breakdance's best-in-class WooCommerce integration.
Breakdance Divi
Woo Elements 35 25
Global Woo Styles yes no
Product Loop Builder yes no
Search Products yes
Breakdance's Search Form enables limiting results to Products, which causes WordPress to use the correct archive design for displaying Woo search results.
The Divi search element can't be used to search for Products only.
Filter by Price yes no
Filter by Rating yes no
Filter by Attribute yes no
Checkout Builder yes no
Divi has no dedicated Checkout Builder element.
Dropdown Mini Cart yes no
Off-canvas Mini Cart yes no
Custom Empty Cart Message yes no
Requires third-party add-on or custom code.
Account Page Customization
Order Tracking Customization
I used Divi for years before switching. Breakdance is an absolute breath of fresh air. It's simple, quick, and it works.
Amy Sage Boyd

Creative Professional

Layout Control

Divi relies on an old-school blend of sections, rows, and columns. Breakdance sticks to the elegance and power of modern HTML and CSS.
Breakdance Divi
CSS Flexbox yes no
CSS Grid yes no
Div Element yes no
Vertical Centering yes no
Gap Controls yes no
Justify Items yes no
Justify Content yes no
Align Items yes no
Align Content yes no
Flex Direction yes no
Flex Wrap yes no
Grid & Grid Template yes no
Grid Auto Columns yes no
Grid Auto Rows yes no
Grid Auto Flow yes no
Grid Auto Flow yes no
"You hit a home run with this one on so many levels. I am moving all my sites to Breakdance."
Bernard Sokolowski

Creative Professional

Powerful Forms? Included with Breakdance.

Virtually every website will benefit from Breakdance's incredibly full-featured, built-in form builder.
Breakdance Divi
Multi-step Forms yes no
Quiz Forms yes
Breakdance's Form Builder has the features you need to build complex forms for quiz-like funnels and questionnaires.
Divi's form builder is equipped for for basic contact forms only.
Email Subscribe Forms yes no
Registration Forms yes no
Login Forms yes yes
Horizontal Forms yes no
Field Types 15
15+ including unique fields like step & custom HTML.
Limited to standard fields like text, email, and textarea.
File Uploads yes no
Dynamic Field Values yes
Breakdance allows you to insert data from the database into form fields to pre-populate them.
Divi's form builder offers no dynamic data capabilities.
Accessibility A+ C
Some Divi form fields, like the basic Captcha, do not have labels.
Honeypot Spam Protection yes
Breakdance features reCaptcha and Honeypot spam protection options.
Divi only offers Captcha/reCaptcha.
Custom Placeholders yes no
Hidden Fields yes no
Global Form Styles
Form Customization Options
Drag & Drop Form Builder Interface
Multiple Emails/Actions Per Form yes no
Trigger Popups On Submit yes no
Pass URL/UTM Parameters yes no
Custom JavaScript Actions yes no
Integrations yes
Send form data anywhere with a webhook or dedicated integration for services like MailChimp, Drip, and many other popular platforms.
Divi's built-in form builder is a contact form only. It can email you.
Form Submission Management yes
See and manage form submissions directly in the WP admin panel.
Form submissions are emailed to you, no option for back-end management.
Export Submissions To Spreadsheet yes no
"As a Divi power user, I can assure you that Breakdance will enable you to take your designs to another level and beyond!"
Greg Hyatt

Creative Professional

Visual Popup Builder

Breakdance's native popup builder is packed with all the premium-grade features you'll need to turn your site into a true marketing asset.
Breakdance Divi
Put Anything Inside yes no popup builder
Discount Popups yes no popup builder
Email Capture Popups yes no popup builder
Welcome Popups yes no popup builder
Exit Intent Popups yes no popup builder
Time Sensitive Popups yes no popup builder
Notification Popups yes no popup builder
Target By Page yes no popup builder
Target By Post yes no popup builder
Target By Archive yes no popup builder
Target By Taxonomy yes no popup builder
Target By Date & Time yes no popup builder
Trigger On Click yes no popup builder
Trigger On Page Load yes no popup builder
Trigger On Page Scroll yes no popup builder
Trigger On Page Scroll Up yes no popup builder
Trigger On User Inactivity yes no popup builder
Trigger On Exit Intent yes no popup builder
Limit Frequency yes no popup builder
Show Only One Popup yes no popup builder
Automatic Closing yes no popup builder
"After coming from the Elementor/Divi world, I’ve been so happy to leave those slow and buggy page builders behind and start using Breakdance."
Megan Danielle Wahlfeldt

Creative Professional

Headers & Menus

Create beautiful headers & menus with ease using Breakdance's powerful Header Builder and Menu Builder elements.
Breakdance Divi
Dedicated Header Builder yes no
Divi requires you to build your own headers out of basic modules.
Overlay Headers yes yes
Requires use of position: absolute.
Sticky Headers yes yes
Conditional Headers yes no
Automatic Header Layout yes
Breakdance's Header Builder automatically lays your header's contents out horizontally.
WP Menu Element yes yes
Custom Menu Builder yes no
Accessible Menus yes
Breakdance's menu elements have been rigorously fine-tuned for accessibility.
Divi menu links have no visible focus state, and dropdowns are entirely inaccessible via keyboard.
Vertical Menus yes no
Mega Menu Builder yes no
Custom Menu Areas yes no
Off-Canvas Mobile Menus yes no
Dropdown Mobile Menus yes yes
"Coming from Divi, Breakdance is refreshing to use. The UI is great and there’s less bloat."
Chris Boyce

Creative Professional

Global Styles

Divi requires you to apply styles per element, one-by-one. Breakdance's intelligent approach to global styling will save you hundreds of hours.
Breakdance Divi
Global Gradients yes no
Global Text Colors yes no
Global Heading Colors yes no
Global Link Colors yes no
Global Background Color yes no
Custom Global Color Palette yes yes
Global Typography Styles yes no
Global Form Styles yes no
Global Button Styles yes no
Global Woo Colors yes no
Global Woo Typography yes no
Global Woo Button & Link Styles yes no
Global Woo Form Styles yes no
"I used Divi for years and was so fed up with slow loading times. Breakdance is the best of everything: it has quick load times, takes me half the time to make sites for clients, and it just looks polished out of the box."
Mike Childres

Creative Professional

Dynamic Data

Divi's dynamic data features cover the basics, but no more. Breakdance treats dynamic data like the first-class citizen it is.
Breakdance Divi
Fallback Values yes no
Prepends & Appends yes yes
Dynamic Data Sources
Sources can vary depending on the number of fields registered via ACF and Metabox. Numbers here represent built-in data source options.
50+ 12+
Advanced Custom Fields Integration yes yes
Divi's ACF integration is basic, missing features like the ability to use ACF gallery fields to populate Divi gallery modules.
Metabox Integration yes no
Repeater Field Support yes no
Post Loop Builder yes no
Only available via 3rd party addons.
Dynamic Data API yes no
Custom PHP Conditions yes no
Conditions API yes no
"I used Divi for 3 years before Breakdance. Breakdance is faster, leaner, more functional, more flexible, and offers more features out of the box."
Richard Wilkie

Creative Professional


The accessibility of many Divi modules leaves much to be desired. While developing Breakdance, we worked hard to deliver the most accessible elements possible out of the box.
Breakdance Divi
Accessible Menu Elements yes no
Keyboard Navigable Elements yes no
Can Edit Element Markup yes no
Uses Proper ARIA Attributes yes no
Custom Attributes yes no
Dynamic Image Alt Text
Without dynamic image alt text, updating alt text for images used in your design requires you to manually edit each image across your entire site, one by one.
yes no
Visual Focus Indicators yes no
"Divi was my go-to for years, but it falls apart on complex builds. Breakdance feels like a breath of fresh air."
Matthew Gerber

Creative Professional

Packed with pro-level features for power users.

Divi's colorful interface is enticing at first, but with real use, the holes become glaring. Breakdance is designed intuitively, helping you work faster and more efficiently.
Breakdance Divi
Modify Native Elements yes no
Visually Build New Elements yes no
Bundle Custom Elements as Plugin yes no
Live PHP Editing yes no
PHP WP_Query for Loops yes no
Custom PHP Conditions yes no
CSS Selector Management yes no
Conditional CSS
Applying conditions to a code element allows you to output CSS conditionally.
yes yes
Developer Docs yes yes
Conditions API yes no
Dynamic Data API yes no
JavaScript APIs
Interact with sliders, galleries, popups, and other dynamic elements via JS.
yes no
"Last time I converted a Divi site to Breakdance, I was able to remove 22 plugins."
Thierry C.

Creative Professional

Performance & Clean Output

Breakdance is built to be lightning fast out of the gate, with no extra work required on your part.
Breakdance Divi
Blank Page Size (Uncompressed) 42 KB 570 KB
Designed Page Size (Uncompressed) 247 KB 664 KB
Lazy Loading yes
Breakdance natively includes the ability to lazy load images and videos.
Divi's images and videos have no lazy loading option.
Video Embed Posters
A video embed poster is a placeholder for video embeds that only loads the embed code once the placeholder is clicked.
yes yes
Loads Only Needed Assets yes
Breakdance only loads the files needed for the elements used on the current page, eliminating extra bloat.
Divi's minified JavaScript file includes code for things like sliders and maps, even if no sliders or maps are used on the current page.
Fast By Default yes
On modern hosts, Breakdance performs well out of the box without additional performance-based plugins or optimization measures.
'Divception' refers to the addition of extra, unnecessary divs when outputting elements.
jQuery Independent yes no
When using a visual page builder, themes add extra bloat.
Breakdance is themeless by default.
Bloat Eliminator
Bloat eliminator options allow you to prevent the loading of built-in WordPress bloat.
yes no

Upgrade your WordPress editing  experience today.

From the ground up, Breakdance is designed to enable you to create the best WordPress sites possible, all while remaining easy to use and flexible enough to do anything.
“I have tried my hand at other builders, and Breakdance is by absolute far the easiest to understand without any tutorials.”
Darryl Le Roux

Creative Professional

“You hit a home run with this one on so many levels. I am moving all my sites to Breakdance.”
Bernard Sokolowski

Creative Professional

“This is THE BUILDER! I have so much pleasure working with Breakdance.”

Creative Professional

“Breakdance elements have a stunning look right out of the box. With so many beautiful elements, it’s pretty easy to make a professional website while keeping installed plugins to a bare minimum.”
Vladimir Varbanov

Creative Professional

“As an SEO guy and non web developer, I've gotta say that Breakdance ticks the boxes. It’s easy and quick to design.”
Joe Williams

Creative Professional

“If you're looking to quickly and easily build high-performing sites for your clients, Breakdance is a great option.”
Sunny Trochaniak

NewPulse Labs

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