Global Styles

Build beautiful sites in record time

Our powerful global styling controls and innovative "browse mode" feature make it easy to get your site on brand in just a few clicks.

Buttons Under Control

Control All Button Styles on the whole site from one place. Forget about unstyled buttons lost in the dark corners of your multipage project.

Global Colors

Create your own colors library for your project. Set human recognizable names instead of #068432. Change color hue in the library and it will affect everywhere it is applied.

Typography Presets

Create your own presets for Headings, Paragraphs, Quotes and etc. Apply it to the text in one click. Don’t spend tons of time to typography anymore.
I have tried many features, but discovering Global Styles changed everything - now I have the freedom to make my WooCommerce store just like I want it.
Wordpress Developer
Global Styles is Great feature it save me days, weeks and maybe years! I can’t imagine how I work before.
Web Designer
I love the Global Styles feature - it makes me save lots of time - time that I can spend with my wife and kids... which is not necessary a good thing.
Agency Owner

Spacing Controls

Set similar spacings between all columns. Control inner paddings for sections. Just tune it once and use it always on the whole website.

Form Styles

Force all forms on the website to look in the same style. Control all Textfields, Labels, and Buttons from one place. Get a neat and clean project appearance in several clicks.


Now it is easy as never to create good looking E-commerce shop. No matters what you build: Checkout, Product Catalog or the Cart page — every small will fit your Brand Colors and Styles.
Design library

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Investigate our Desing Library to learn more about how to use Global Style in your everyday work projects.