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global styles

One location. Infinite possibilities.

Control colors, typography, forms, and much more from a single location.

Get On Brand Fast

Set up your typography and color palette once and use it across your entire site.

Color Palette

Create unlimited global colors and apply them to any element in one click.

WooCommerce Integration

Style every part of WooCommerce from a central location.

Powerful Typography

Create global, responsive typography in just a few clicks, and manage typography presets.

Button Variants

Set default styles for primary and secondary buttons.

Global Code

Create CSS and JavaScript code that applies to every part of your site.
global styles

Make your site match your brand in just a few clicks.

Building beautiful websites is easier with global styles.


  • Create your own color palette
  • Use human recognizable names instead of #068432
  • Change colors in the pallete to affect everywhere the color is applied.

Brand Your Website Fast

Set the default colors for everything in Breakdance from one place.

Global Palette

Add unlimited additional colors as you want apply them to any element in one click.


  • Control all button styles from one place
  • Say goodbye to incorrectly styled buttons lost in the dark corners of your multipage project.

Button Variants

Fully customize the default styles for primary and secondary buttons.

Button States

Control default and hover states for buttons globally.


  • Create presets for headings, paragraphs, or any other text.
  • Apply presets to any text in one click.


Create responsive typography styles that apply to your whole site in just a few clicks.

Granular Control

Take total control of all headings, body text, and more.

Typography Presets

Save typography settings as presets and apply them to any element in one click.


  • Make all of your forms look the same.
  • Control styling for all form fields, labels, and buttons in one place.
  • Create beautiful custom form styles in just a few clicks.

All Forms Integrated

Style every Breakdance form in one place.


Breakdance global form styles also apply to every WooCommerce form.


  • It's easy to create a beautiful online store.
  • Every WooCommerce page will match your brand colors and styles.
  • Individual WooCommerce elements will automatically inherit their styles from your global styles, saving you valuable time.

Your Store On Brand Fast

Your global settings will apply to every part of WooCommerce.

Seamless Integration

Breakdance makes WooCommerce look amazing. No work required.
Breakdance + WooCommerce

WooCommerce Integration Done Right

Breakdance replaces WooCommerce's outdated default styles with a beautiful new design optimized for conversions.
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