Individual Form Styles

Introduction to Styling Forms in Breakdance

Learn how to customize individual styles for your forms using the Breakdance Builder, providing a unique and consistent look across your website.

Accessing Design Controls in Breakdance Builder

Navigating to Form Design Tab

  1. Select your form builder in the preview within the Breakdance preview.
  2. Click the palette icon at the top of the Properties Panel to access the design tab, which houses all the design and styling controls.

Styling your Forms

Individual form styles are helpful for making one-off changes to you forms, but note that most form styles should be set globally in the Global Settings area to provide a consistent look across all of your forms.

Any styles defined in the Properties panel while an individual Form Builder element is selected will apply to that instance of the Form Builder, so be sure to keep the styles consistent if you’re designing your forms in this way.

To achieve side-by-side field layouts, you can adjust field widths by accessing the field’s settings in the Content tab of the Properties panel and opening the Advanced options. A field’s width can be set between 1 and 12. These are fractions of the width of the form itself.


With Breakdance’s form builder, you can easily adjust and customize the styling of your forms to match your website’s design, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal.