Products List

Content Controls


This section lets you control what products are displayed and how they’re presented. Choose to show products manually or based on a query, manage product count, and specify the order in which they appear for a customized display.

  • Show Products – Decide whether to manually select products or display them based on a query.
  • Products – Choose individual products to show when ‘Show Products’ is set to ‘manually’. This control provides precise product selection.
  • Query – Define criteria for automatically selecting products to display when ‘Show Products’ is set to ‘query’.
  • Product Count – Set the number of products to display in the list.
  • Order By – Choose the parameter for ordering products, like date or price.
  • Order – Select the order direction, either ascending or descending.

Filter Bar

Enhance user experience with a filter bar, allowing customers to easily sort and access products. Enable it, choose its type, and further customize it to fit your site’s design and user needs.

  • Enable – Turn on the filter bar to allow users to sort products.
  • Type – Select the type of filter bar. This control is available when the filter bar is enabled.
  • All Filter – Toggle the option to include a filter for ‘All’ products. Available when the filter bar is enabled.
  • All Label – Set the label for the ‘All’ filter. This control is available when both the filter bar and ‘All Filter’ are enabled.

Design Controls


Customize the individual elements of your product list, such as images, titles, prices, and more. Tailor each element’s appearance to create an attractive and cohesive product display.


Control the overall layout of your products list. Choose between different layouts like grid or slider, and customize slider settings for a dynamic product presentation.

Product Wrapper

Adjust the appearance of the individual product wrappers within the list. Customize alignment, background, borders, and padding to make each product stand out.

Filter Bar

Design the filter bar to match your site’s aesthetics. Adjust its layout, style, spacing, and typography for a seamless user interface.


Manage the spacing around the entire product list for a clean and balanced layout. Adjust top and bottom margins to ensure the list integrates well with other page elements.

  • Margin Top – Set the space above the products list.
  • Margin Bottom – Define the space below the products list.


The Advanced section offers further customization options for the Products List Element. Access detailed settings for specialized requirements and fine-tune the product list’s behavior and appearance.