WooCommerce Dynamic Data

Incorporating WooCommerce Dynamic Data into Breakdance Designs

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to dynamically incorporate WooCommerce data into your website designs using Breakdance.

Using WooCommerce Dynamic Data Points

The data points available for WooCommerce will change based on the element you are working with. Text elements will have a variety of options available, such as product price, rating, review count, sale status, SKU, stock status, product categories/tags, and product title for display.

Image elements will have options to display the product image and product gallery images.

To use a Data Point

  1. Add the element you would like to use dynamic data for to Breakdance.
  2. Click the dynamic data button to open the dynamic data popup.
  3. Select the WooCommerce data point you would like to use.

After a data point is selected, you may select the data point again in the properties panel to change any of the available settings for the data point.

WooCommerce Dynamic Data in Loop Elements

You may also use WooCommerce data within Loop elements with the following options.

  1. Under Source > Post Type you can select the Product post type as an option.
  2. Under Source > Related, you can select WooCommerce taxonomies to show other products related to the selected taxonomy.
  3. In the Conditions area, if you have the Product post type selected, you will see special WooCommerce conditions available.

Additional Notes

This tutorial highlights the versatility of Breakdance in creating dynamic, WooCommerce-powered websites. By leveraging these techniques, designers can craft highly customized pages and templates that automatically update with WooCommerce data.