Discord Integration

Introduction to Discord Integration with Breakdance Forms

Learn how to integrate your Breakdance forms with Discord, enabling automated message posting to a Discord channel upon form submissions.

Setting Up Discord Webhook

Creating a Webhook in Discord

  1. Access a Discord server where you have integration permissions.
  2. Click the server name and navigate to ‘Server Settings’.
  3. Go to ‘Apps and Integrations’ and then to the ‘Webhooks’ area.
  4. Click ‘New Webhook’, name it, and choose which channel it posts to.
  5. Copy the webhook URL using the ‘Copy Webhook URL’ button.
  6. Close the server settings and return to your work area.

Configuring Discord Webhook in Breakdance

Adding Webhook URL to Breakdance

  1. Paste the copied Discord webhook URL into the ‘Discord Webhook URL’ field in Breakdance’s API keys settings under Breakdance > Settings > API Keys in the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Save the changes to confirm the integration.

Setting Up Discord Action in the Form Builder

  1. Open the Breakdance Builder and select your form builder element.
  2. Expand the actions section in the Properties Panel on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select ‘Discord’ under ‘Actions After Submission’.
  4. Edit the Discord action by clicking the pencil icon.
  5. Configure the message settings including title, description, message icon, main image, and whether to include form data and timestamp.
  6. Choose the border color for your message.
  7. Save your Discord action settings.

Testing the Integration

Test the integration by submitting via the form and checking the Discord channel:

  1. Submit a test message through your form on the front-end.
  2. Check the designated Discord channel to see if the webhook message appears correctly.


With this setup, your Breakdance forms can effectively communicate with Discord, automating the process of posting messages to a specified channel upon form submissions.