ACF Overview

Overview of the Advanced Custom Fields Integration in Breakdance

This tutorial covers the integration of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) within Breakdance, demonstrating how to dynamically incorporate custom field data into your web designs.

Before using ACF with Breakdance you should already have ACF installed with your fields created and data entered onto posts.

Using ACF Fields as Dynamic Data in Breakdance

  1. Open Breakdance and add a new element.
  2. Click the dynamic data button located in the properties pane on the left side of the screen to access the dynamic data popup.
  3. In the popup, navigate to the ACF fields section, where fields are organized by post types and repeater fields are in their own categories.
  4. Select the desired ACF field, and the data will automatically update within Breakdance for the selected element.

Working with Different Elements

ACF fields availability varies with the type of element you are working on in Breakdance. For instance, adding an image element and accessing dynamic data will present different ACF field options compared to a text element. This functionality extends to various elements such as video and Google Maps elements, allowing for a wide range of dynamic content possibilities.

Advanced Usage of ACF Fields

Integrating Repeater Fields

The ACF integration in Breakdance also supports repeater fields, enabling the creation of dynamic lists and grids based on custom criteria. You may find more information for how to use repeater fields in ACF here.

ACF in Loop Elements

ACF fields can significantly enhance loop elements in Breakdance by:

  1. Utilizing a custom query where you can select an ACF relationship as the source. You may find more information about ACF relationships here.
  2. Ordering loop elements based on ACF fields, offering a customized display of posts or custom post types.

Additional Notes

The integration of ACF with Breakdance opens up new possibilities for the seamless inclusion of custom fields in a visually intuitive manner. Whether you’re looking to display custom metadata, incorporate dynamic images, or even create complex layouts with repeater fields, Breakdance and ACF together provide the tools necessary to achieve highly customized web designs.