Post Title

Content Controls


In this section, you can adjust what content is displayed in the Post Title Element. This involves selecting specific tags that determine how your post title appears on the webpage.

  • Tags – Choose the desired tags from a dropdown list that you want associated with your post title in the Content section.

Design Controls


Manage the appearance of your post title’s text here, adjusting the font style, size, and other typographic properties to best suit your design.


This section lets you control the dimensions of the Post Title Element, ensuring it fits perfectly within the layout of your webpage.

  • Width – Set the width of the post title to ensure it occupies the desired amount of space on the page.


Adjust the space around your Post Title Element here. By fine-tuning the margins, you can ensure your title stands out or blends seamlessly with other elements on your page.

  • Margin Top – Set the space above the post title to distance it from elements or content above.
  • Margin Bottom – Control the space below the post title, ensuring a balanced layout between it and subsequent content or elements.