Text Link

Content Controls


This section lets you define the primary aspects of your text link. You can set the display text, the URL to which the link will lead, and decide what HTML tag to wrap your link in.

  • Text – Enter the text you want to display as a clickable link. This is what users will see and click on.
  • Link – Define the URL that the text link will point to. This is where users will be taken when they click on the link.
  • Tag – Choose the HTML tag that will be used for this link. Options may include a, span, div, etc., depending on your styling and functional needs.

Design Controls


Control the font properties of your text link in this section. You can adjust various aspects like font size, weight, and color to ensure that your link is seamlessly integrated into your site’s design.


Adjust settings related to the lightbox functionality of your text link here. If your link opens content in a lightbox, you can manipulate the background and control colors to enhance user experience.

  • Background – Set the background color of the lightbox that appears when the text link is clicked. This is essential for ensuring readability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Controls – Choose a color for the lightbox controls, ensuring they are easily visible to users and match the overall design of your site.


This section is all about creating space around your text link for a cleaner layout. Proper spacing can significantly enhance readability and the overall user experience on your webpage.

  • Margin Top – Increase or decrease the space above the text link. This helps in positioning the link perfectly within your content.
  • Margin Bottom – Adjust the space below the text link. Like the top margin, this ensures that your link isn’t cramped and has sufficient breathing room.