Checkout Shipping Form

Design Controls

Shipping Address

Adjust and personalize the appearance of the shipping address section on your checkout page. These controls allow you to seamlessly integrate this vital section with the rest of your design, enhancing user experience and clarity. From background colors to precise padding, make your shipping address form both functional and visually appealing.

  • Background – Define the color backdrop of the shipping address section, ensuring it fits harmoniously with the rest of your page.
  • Padding – Customize the spacing surrounding the content within the shipping address section. This ensures the content has room to breathe and looks uncluttered.
    • Padding – Fine-tune the exact padding values on all sides of the shipping address section for an optimal layout.
  • Borders – Enhance the shipping address section’s perimeters, adding definition and style.
    • Radius – Adjust the curvature of the section’s corners, deciding between sharp angles or smooth rounded edges.
    • Styling – Modify specific border attributes like color, width, and type to give your section a polished look.
    • Shadow – Apply a subtle shadow to your shipping address section, creating a raised appearance and adding depth to the page.


Control the positioning of the shipping address section within the page. By tweaking the margins, you can ensure the section fits perfectly amidst other content and has a balanced presence. Proper margin settings contribute to a harmonized layout and better overall user experience.

  • Margin Top – Define the amount of space above the shipping address section, ensuring it doesn’t feel cramped or too close to preceding elements.
  • Margin Bottom – Adjust the space below the section, providing room before any following content and aiding visual flow.