Facebook Page Plugin

Content Controls


This section allows you to customize various aspects of the Facebook Page Plugin, including the specific page URL, enabling or disabling certain page components like messages, events, and the CTA button, as well as aesthetic elements such as the header size and visibility of the cover photo and profile photos.

  • Page URL – Specify the URL of the Facebook page you want to showcase.
  • Messages – Toggle whether to display a message box for visitors to start conversations with your page.
  • Events – Choose if the page’s events should be visible to visitors through the plugin.
  • Small Header – Decide if you prefer to use a smaller header for the plugin.
  • Hide Cover Photo – Control whether the page’s cover photo is visible in the plugin.
  • Profile Photos – Select if you want to display the page’s profile picture.
  • CTA Button – Decide if you want to include a call-to-action button on the plugin that users can interact with.

Design Controls


Adjust the plugin’s dimensions to ensure it fits seamlessly within your website’s layout. Here, you can set the specific width and height for the element.

  • Width – Set the width of the plugin to optimize visibility and match your site’s design.
  • Height – Adjust the height of the plugin to integrate smoothly with your site’s content flow.


Control the spacing on the top and bottom of the plugin to ensure it aligns well with your overall page design, enhancing visual balance and readability.

  • Margin Top – Specify the amount of space between the plugin and the content above it.
  • Margin Bottom – Define the space between the plugin and the content that follows it.