Basic List

Content Controls


The controls in this section let you customize the list items’ content, such as the text and any associated links.

  • Items – This control allows you to add or remove list items. Each item has the following properties:
    • Text – Define the text for each list item.
    • Link – Make the item open a link on click, or trigger an action such as opening a Popup or Lightbox.

Design Controls


The controls in this section allow you to modify the visual appearance and layout of the list. This includes settings related to width, markers, padding, and more.

  • Width – Set the width of the entire list.
  • Marker Type – Choose the type of bullet point or marker for the list items. Options might include traditional bullets, emojis, or custom designs.
  • Emoji – If you’ve chosen ’emoji’ as the marker type, use this control to select the desired emoji. (Note: This control is available only when ‘Marker Type’ is set to ’emoji’).
  • Custom – If you prefer a custom marker design, input it here. (Note: This control is available only when ‘Marker Type’ is set to ‘custom’).
  • Marker Color – Set a color for your list markers, except if they are emojis. (Note: This control is available unless ‘Marker Type’ is set to ’emoji’).
  • Below Item – Adjust the spacing or design elements that appear below each list item.
  • Padding – Adjust the space around your list and its items:
    • List – Modify the padding surrounding the entire list.
    • Item – Adjust the padding for individual list items.
  • Marker Position – Choose the alignment of the list markers, like left or right.


The controls in this section will let you customize the font styles, sizes, and overall appearance of the text in your list.


Here, you can manage the space above and below your list, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your page design.

  • Margin Top – Adjust the space above your list.
  • Margin Bottom – Set the space below your list.