Product Rating

Design Controls


The Layout section lets you manage how the rating elements are positioned and aligned. Adjust the stacking of rating components for optimal display and interaction with your product pages.

  • Stacking – Choose how to stack the rating elements within the layout. This control affects the arrangement of the rating stars and related elements horizontally or vertically.


In the Stars section, you can customize the appearance of the rating stars, which are central to the product rating element. Adjust their color and size to match your website’s theme and enhance visual appeal.

  • Color – Set the color of the rating stars. Choose a hue that complements your site design or stands out to draw attention to the ratings.
  • Size – Adjust the size of the stars to ensure they are appropriately scaled for your layout and easily noticeable by users.


This section allows you to style any text links associated with the product ratings. Customize the typography to maintain consistency with your site’s design and improve readability.

  • Link – Tailor the typography settings for any links within the product rating element. This includes font style, size, color, and alignment.


Spacing controls are crucial for positioning the product rating element within your page layout. Adjust the space after the stars and around the container for a clean, uncluttered look.

  • After Stars – Manage the amount of space that follows the rating stars. This helps in creating a balanced layout and separating the stars from other elements.
  • Container – Customize the margin around the entire rating element for optimal placement on the product page.
    • Margin Top – Set the top margin to adjust the space above the rating container.
    • Margin Bottom – Define the bottom margin to control the space below the rating container.