Gradient Backgrounds

Creating a Gradient Background in Breakdance

In this article, learn how to create a gradient background. This versatile feature can be applied anywhere a background can be set in Breakdance.

Applying a Gradient Background

Choosing Gradient Type and Adding Colors

  1. Navigate to the background settings of the element, which should be located under Design > Background in the Properties panel.
  2. Select ‘Type’ and choose ‘Gradient’.
  3. Open the gradient chooser to select between linear or radial gradients.
  4. Add gradient stops by clicking on the stops bar and choose your colors.
  5. To delete a stop, hold the shift key and click on the stop.
  6. Arrange the stops in the desired order, like orange at the end and pink in the center.
  7. Use the angle picker in the lower left of the gradient chooser to adjust the direction of the gradient.

Additional Notes

Creating a gradient background in Breakdance allows for a dynamic and visually appealing design element on your website. Experiment with different colors and angles to customize the background to fit your design needs.