Checkmark List

Content Controls


This section allows you to customize the content of your Checkmark List. Easily modify the list items, their text, and associated icons to suit your needs.

  • List – Add or modify items in the list.
    • Text – Edit the text content of each list item.
    • Icon – Choose an icon for each list item.
  • Positive Icon – Set an icon for positive items.
  • Negative Icon – Set an icon for negative  items.

Design Controls


Personalize the look of your icons. Adjust their size, color, background, and other visual elements to fit your brand or website design.

  • Size – Change the size of the icons.
  • Positive Color – Customize the color for positive icons.
  • Negative Color – Customize the color for negative icons.
  • Background – Toggle the background on or off for the icons.
  • Icon Color – Adjust the overall color of the icons. (Available only when the icon background is set.)
  • Padding – Adjust the spacing around the icons. (Available only when the icon background is set.)
  • Radius – Modify the roundness of the icon corners. (Available only when the icon background is set.)
  • Advanced – Delve into advanced settings for precise icon adjustments.
    • Positive Nudge – Slightly move the positive icon.
    • Negative Nudge – Slightly move the negative icon.


Shape your Checkmark List’s overall structure. Control the width, alignment, and spacing between items to achieve the layout you desire.

  • Width – Define the width of the entire Checkmark List.
  • Text Indent – Control the spacing before the list text.
  • Space Between Items – Adjust the gap between individual list items.
  • Alignment When Vertical – Align items vertically. (Available only when items are not stacked horizontally.)
  • Horizontal – Toggle to stack items horizontally.
  • Alignment – Align items within the list. (Available only when items are set to horizontal.)
  • Force Vertical Stacking – Enforce a vertical stacking at certain breakpoints. (Available only when items are set to horizontal.)


Adjust the font, size, and style of the text within your Checkmark List to maintain consistency with your site’s theme and enhance readability.


Ensure your Checkmark List fits seamlessly within your page layout. Control the margin on the top and bottom to keep everything looking neat.

  • Margin Top – Set the space above the Checkmark List.
  • Margin Bottom – Set the space below the Checkmark List.