Advanced Grid

Advanced Grid Layout in Breakdance

This tutorial guides you through using the Advanced Grid layout in Breakdance, offering a powerful way to design and organize elements within your web projects. The Advanced Grid layout provides flexibility and control over the arrangement of child elements within a container, allowing for sophisticated, responsive designs.

Setting Up Your Grid Layout

Initial Setup

  1. Select a container or parent element that can hold child elements.
  2. Access the layout tab in the properties panel on the left side of your screen to view layout options.
  3. Choose the advanced layout option and select the grid display setting to enable grid customization.

Configuring Your Grid

  1. Start with a simple grid configuration, such as auto for rows and repeat three frames for columns, to create a basic layout.
  2. Customize the grid by adjusting gap settings for both rows and columns to alter spacing between elements.
  3. Utilize alignment options like justify items, align items, justify content, and align content to control the positioning of elements within the grid.

Responsive Grid Settings

The grid layout in Breakdance is fully responsive, allowing you to adjust how items repeat across different breakpoints. This ensures your design remains effective and visually appealing across all device sizes.

Additional Notes

Some settings may not have a visible impact on your layout due to the design of child elements or the available space within each frame. It’s important to experiment with different configurations to achieve the desired effect. The custom grid layout offers a vast array of options for creative design solutions, making it a valuable tool for any web designer working in Breakdance.