Option – Limit How Often This Popup Shows

Step 1: Access Popup Settings

Start by going to the WordPress admin panel, then navigate to Breakdance > Popups. In the list of popups, mouse over the popup you want to customize and click Settings.

Step 2: Enable Limit for Popup Display

Within the popup settings, locate the Limit How Often This Popup Shows option. Enable this feature to control the frequency of your popup’s appearance.

Step 3: Configure Frequency Settings

You can set limits based on different criteria:

  • Per Page Load: Set how many times the popup will appear per page load. For instance, set it to ‘1’ if the popup should only appear once every time a page is reloaded, regardless of the trigger conditions.
  • Per Session: This option limits the popup display per user session. For example, if the popup is set to appear when the mouse moves to exit, you can limit this to occur only twice per user session.
  • Forever: Determine the total number of times the popup can appear over the lifetime of the user’s interaction with your site. For example, setting it to ‘5’ means the popup will not show again after being displayed five times, until the user clears their cookies.

Step 4: Save Your Settings

After configuring the frequency settings, save your changes. These settings ensure that your popup appears only as often as you intend, enhancing user experience while avoiding overexposure.