Disable Mini Cart Quantity Inputs

Disabling Quantity Input in WooCommerce Mini Cart

This guide explains how to disable the quantity input in the WooCommerce mini cart, which by default allows users to adjust product quantities via the Mini Cart. Disabling this feature may be beneficial for stores selling items like memberships or online courses where purchasing multiple quantities of the same product doesn’t apply.

Modifying Mini Cart Settings

Proceed with the following steps to disable the quantity input in your mini cart.

Accessing Mini Cart Settings

  1. Within the Breakdance editor, locate the mini cart element.
  2. Click on the mini cart element to reveal its settings.

Disabling Quantity Input

  1. Once the settings are open, navigate to the Content > Cart section in the Properties panel.
  2. Look for the ‘Hide Quantity Input’ option and enable it.
  3. Save your changes to apply them.

Additional Notes

Disabling the quantity input can enhance the user experience in specific scenarios where purchasing multiple items is not typical or necessary. This streamlined approach ensures customers have a clear, straightforward journey through your online store, particularly for services or products that require the purchase of only one item at a time.