Horizontal Flexbox

Understanding Horizontal Flexbox Layout in Breakdance

This guide provides an overview of the Horizontal Flexbox Layout feature in Breakdance, a versatile tool for arranging elements horizontally within a container. Ideal for web designers looking to create responsive, aligned, and well-spaced layouts.

Getting Started with Horizontal Flexbox Layout

Selecting the Horizontal Flexbox Layout

  1. Begin by selecting the element(s) you wish to apply the horizontal layout to, such as a div or a section.
  2. Access the Layouts tab located in the Properties panel to find layout options.
  3. Choose the Horizontal option to activate horizontal alignment settings for the selected element(s).

Horizontal Flexbox Layout Settings

  1. Align: Set your content’s horizontal alignment within the container to left, center, or right.
  2. Vertical Alignment: Adjust the vertical alignment of items within the container to the top, middle, or bottom.
  3. Gap: Introduce a gap between items, useful for left, right, or center aligned layouts to enhance spacing.
  4. Vertical At Setting: Specify the device size (e.g., Tablet Portrait) at which elements should stack vertically instead of horizontally.
  5. Vertical Alignment: Adjust the vertical alignment for the contents within the container to left, center, or right, enhancing the design’s responsiveness and visual appeal.

Additional Notes

The Horizontal Flexbox Layout feature in Breakdance offers a powerful way to design responsive and aesthetically pleasing web layouts. By understanding and utilizing these settings, designers can create layouts that adapt smoothly across different devices and screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience.