Arranging Elements

In Breakdance, you can arrange and re-order elements via the builder preview or the Structure panel.

Arranging Elements Via The Builder Preview

  1. Identify the element you’d like to move.
  2. Click and drag it to begin moving it within the design structure.
  3. Note that the “drop” position, or where the element will end up when you release your mouse button, is indicated by a blue bar in the builder preview.
  4. Release your mouse button once you’ve dragged it to the location you’d like it to be at.

Arranging Elements Via The Structure Panel

  1. Open the Structure Panel by clicking the Structure Panel icon at the top right of the builder interface. It looks like three stacked squares.
  2. Identify the element you’d like to move within the Structure Panel.
  3. Click and begin dragging the element to move it to the desired position.
  4. Once the element is where you’d like it to be, release your mouse button to drop it in that location.