Facebook Share Button

Content Controls


This section allows you to determine the specific URL that visitors will engage with when they use the Facebook Share Button. You can either select a URL from available options or specify a custom URL for a more personalized engagement.

  • URL to Like – Choose the target URL that visitors will share on their Facebook timeline.
  • Custom URL – Provide a specific URL you wish users to share. Note: This control is only available when ‘URL to Like’ is set to ‘custom_url’.

Design Controls


Here, you can manipulate the aesthetic arrangement of the Share Button, ensuring its visual coherence with your site’s overall design theme.

  • Layout – Select a layout style for the Share Button that best suits your website’s appearance and user interface design.


This control provides the flexibility to adjust the button size, catering to your design needs and enhancing the user’s visual experience.

  • Size – Choose a predefined size for the Share Button that complements its surroundings and maintains design consistency.


Manage the spacing around the Share Button to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your content, providing a balanced and professional appearance.

  • Margin Top – Adjust the space above the Share Button to harmonize with surrounding elements and improve visual flow.
  • Margin Bottom – Fine-tune the space below the Share Button to ensure a balanced layout and comfortable navigation.