Wrapper Link

Content Controls


These controls let you modify the core content of the Wrapper Link Element, allowing for customization of the link it contains.

  • Link – Set or modify the destination URL for the Wrapper Link Element.

Design Controls


Adjust how your Wrapper Link Element is displayed on the page in terms of alignment, spacing, and orientation.

  • Align – Choose the horizontal alignment of the element.
  • Vertical Align – Determine the vertical alignment of the element.
  • Gap – Adjust the space between items within the element.
  • Horizontal – Controls for the horizontal layout of the element:
    • Align – Set the alignment of items horizontally.
    • Vertical Align – Align items vertically within the horizontal layout.
    • Vertical At – Define a breakpoint for vertical alignment in horizontal layout.


Customize the background appearance of your element, whether it’s color, image, gradient, or overlay.

  • Color – Pick a solid color for the background.
  • Type – Choose the type of background: color, image, or gradient.
  • Image – Upload or select an image for the background. (Note: This control is available only when background type is set to ‘image’)
  • Image Size – Determine the dimensions of the background image. (Note: Available when background type is ‘image’)
  • Image Settings – Further settings for your background image:
    • Size – Pick a predefined size or go for custom dimensions.
    • Width – Specify the width for your background image. (Note: Available when size is ‘custom’)
    • Height – Define the height for the image. (Note: Available when size is ‘custom’)
    • Repeat – Decide if the image should repeat to fill the space.
    • Position – Set the initial position of the image.
    • Custom Position – Manually pick a focal point for the image. (Note: Available when position is ‘custom’)
    • Attachment – Choose whether the image scrolls with the page or remains fixed.
    • Unset Image At – Remove the image at a specific screen size or breakpoint.
  • Gradient – Design a gradient for the background. (Note: Available when background type is ‘gradient’)
  • Gradient Animation – Animate your gradient for dynamic visual effects:
    • Scale – Control the scaling of the gradient animation.
    • Speed – Adjust the speed of the gradient transition.
  • Overlay – Apply an additional layer on top of your background for added effects:
      • Color – Set a color for the overlay.
      • Type – Choose between a color or image overlay.
      • Image – Use an image as an overlay. (Note: Available when overlay type is ‘image’)

  • Transition Duration – Set the time it takes for background changes to transition.


Define the dimensions, borders, and interactivity of the Wrapper Link Element’s container.

    • Width – Specify the width of the element container.
    • Min Height – Set a minimum height for the container.


Control the space around the Wrapper Link Element for better layout and visual separation.

  • Margin Top – Adjust the space above the element.
  • Margin Bottom – Modify the space below the element.