Rich Text

The Rich Text element allows you to have more formatting control over longer blocks of text.

Content Controls

This section allows you to input and edit the actual text content of your Rich Text Element. You can add and format your text here, making it suitable for your webpage’s content needs.

  • Text: Enter the text you would like the element to show. You can also double-click the element in the builder preview to edit the text. When editing the Rich Text element’s content, a modal will appear showing you the Rich Text editor. There, you’ll see common text editor formatting controls like Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline, H1-H4, Link, Unordered List, and Ordered List. You can also switch to the HTML tab to write raw HTML instead.

Design Controls


Control the overall size of your Rich Text Element to ensure it fits perfectly within your webpage layout.

  • Width – Adjust the width of your text element, which helps in aligning it within your overall design layout.


Set the default typography settings (or use a preset) and the typography settings for all H1-H4, Paragraph, Link, and List elements used within the Rich Text element.


Set the element wrapper’s top and bottom margin, as well as the margins for H1-H4, Paragraph, and List elements used within the Rich Text element.