Archive Title

Content Controls


Control the display and specific characteristics of your archive’s title, including choosing associated tags and deciding whether to show a prefix.

  • Tags – Select the heading tag used for the title.
  • Disable Prefix – Toggle this option if you prefer not to display a prefix before the archive title (e.g., “Category:”).

Design Controls


Adjust the font, size, style, and other typographic properties to give your archive title the perfect visual appeal.


Define the width of your archive title, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your webpage’s design.

  • Width – Set the desired width for your archive title element.


Manage the spacing around your archive title to ensure it’s positioned harmoniously within the page layout.

  • Margin Top – Fine-tune the space above your archive title for better alignment with surrounding elements.
  • Margin Bottom – Adjust the space below your archive title to create a balanced layout.