Utilizing ACF Relationship Fields in Breakdance Loop Elements

This guide covers the process of leveraging Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) relationship fields within loop elements in Breakdance. This feature enables the dynamic display of content based on specified relationships in ACF.

Before starting, we recommend having the ACF relationships already created and populated.

Integrating ACF Relationships into Breakdance

Adding a Loop Element

  1. Open your page or template in Breakdance.
  2. Create a new section where you want to display the related posts.
  3. Add a loop element to the section. You can use either the Post List element for a simple layout or the Post Loop Builder for more customization.

Configuring the Custom Query

  1. With the loop element selected, open the query options.
  2. Select “Custom Query” and then open the query builder.
  3. In the source drop-down, choose the ACF relationship field option.
  4. From the field drop-down, select the specific ACF relationship field you wish to use for filtering the posts.
  5. Click “Apply Query” to update the loop element with posts related through the selected ACF relationship field.

Viewing Related Posts

After applying the query, the loop element will dynamically display posts that are related through the specified ACF relationship field. Changing the relationships within ACF will automatically update the displayed posts in Breakdance, ensuring a dynamic and relevant content display based on your ACF configurations.

Additional Notes

This method of integrating ACF relationship fields into Breakdance loop elements is particularly useful for creating related posts sections, showcasing associated products, articles, or any scenario where displaying dynamically related content is desired. The flexibility of Breakdance’s query builder, combined with the power of ACF’s relationship fields, opens up vast possibilities for custom content display on your WordPress site.