Enable Beta Updates

Opting into Beta Version Updates in Breakdance

This guide explains how to opt into receiving beta version updates of Breakdance before their final release. Users can test new features and improvements by accessing these beta versions. However, caution is advised, as these versions are still in the testing phase and may not be suitable for live sites.

How to Opt-In for Beta Updates

Enabling Beta Updates

  1. In the WordPress admin panel, go to Breakdance > Settings.
  2. On the settings page, proceed to the “License” screen.
  3. Find and check the box labeled “Receive beta version updates.”

Post Opt-In Measures

Handling Beta Update Notifications

  1. Once opted in, monitor your “plugins” page for any notifications regarding available beta updates.
  2. When a new beta version is available, you’ll receive a notification to update.
  3. Initiate the update process with a single click as prompted.

Precautions with Beta Versions

  • Avoid using beta versions for live, production websites.
  • Understand that using beta versions comes with inherent risks, as they may contain bugs or unfinished features.
  • Always ensure you take comprehensive backups of your site before installing or updating to a beta version.

Additional Notes

Participating in beta testing is valuable for both the developers and users, providing early access to new features and enabling feedback on performance and potential issues. However, the use of beta versions requires a careful approach. They should be installed in a testing environment and not on live websites to avoid possible disruptions or data loss. Proper backups and caution are strongly advised to prevent any inconvenience.